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about TYO-conx

Big welcome to “Tokyo 2020 Hyatt Marriott Hotels lovers”.

Started from Hyatt Regency Tokyo(aka Century Hyatt Tokyo)

For the hotels, my start was Hyatt Gold passport in 2001. Before, Hyatt was so kind and loyal to their Gold Passport members that they gave me a milestone gift for staying 25Hyatt properties in 2015.

Hi tokyo-conx,
If you left a trail like a shooting star everywhere you traveled, what would it look like?
We can show you.
From your first stay at Hyatt Regency Tokyo in 2001 to your most recent stay at Hyatt, you’ve visited 25 unique Hyatt hotels. Congrats – it’s a rare milestone, and we thank you for reaching it with us! To celebrate we’ve designed a map just for you and included a special gift.
Here’s to a long and memorable trail,
Hyatt Milestones Curator
Hyatt Gold Passport

Wow! Hyatt Milestones Curator! How attractive! Yes, that was good old days and good things has gone. But I was captured! Of course I had been big fan of Hyatt though they changed rules so many times.

Here comes Marriott Bonvoy!

Some of you might be bothered(Bonvoyed!) by recent change of Marriott/SPG merger. Nope. Not some of , a huge number of members are irritated that and might leave the programs.

But for me, I had been very un-loyal customers for both SPG and Marriott. There wasn’t any inconvenience for me. Rather than that, I got a some “gift” from Marriott after Platinum Challenge at the most proper period before merger. Now I am a Titanium member of Marriott Bonvoy. So there is no reason to disregard Marriott!! I am enjoying stay both hotels now.

We have Olympic games at Tokyo in 2020

I know there are a lot of opinions for holding Olympic games in Tokyo, but there will be held anyway. Then so many people will visit Tokyo. So I guess my small informatios will be useful for someone if I write it in English. I am very happy if you enjoy reading this.

About tokyo-conx…

Tokyo-conx is Japanese female who loves hotels and airtravels. I had been working for an airline in my 20-40s. After leaving the industry, I started travels as a “pure customer”. Travel style is NON gorgeous one and prefer to take on economy class to fly more distance!

Tokyo-conx holds blogs written in Japanese.

Inflight meals

Private travel issues

Whisky experiences

So, I am really happy if my contents is useful to someone that visit Tokyo.


Don’t stay Marriott hotels without this~


Some of informations are not “up-to-date”. Before any reservations, I recommend you to check by yourself. Reservations/contracts should be made under your discretion.
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