Hyatt Regency Tokyo View Deluxe King room April 2019

Tokyo Hyatt
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Located in Shinjuku area

Hyatt Regency Tokyo is located in Shinjuku(新宿) area, one of the most popular town Tokyo. There is the Limousine Bus from Narita airport frequently but isn’t from Haneda airport so often.

Public train is available to Shinjuku Station and it takes 10minutes walk from Shinjuku Station. Hyatt Regency Tokyo offers free shuttle bus service to and from Station every 20minutes. Reservations is not required for shuttle bus service.

Free shuttle bus service to and from Shinjuku Stations

Recent situations Tokyo Hyatt hotels

Nowadays, it is quite hard to get ‘cheap room’ on weekend Tokyo. It usually costs JPY40K(USD350 above) and availability is very limited. We need to make a reservations well in advance to get affordable rooms.

As for Hyatt hotels in Tokyo, we can’t afford “points and cash” anymore because their change of the rules and rack rate is very high. So the room by points is the best option if we need to make a reservations in last minutes. We might be able to maximize the value of points.

Booked the day before with Hyatt points

So this time, I made a points stay the day before with 12K Hyatt points. And as the cheapest room was around JPY42K, that was nice usage of points. Other Hyatt hotels in Tokyo cost more thah JPY100K on the day!! Too high rate Tokyo weekend!!

iconic chandelier at lobby

View Deluxe King room

Explorist upgrade

Booked 1King room as point redemption. As an Explorist of World of Hyatt, they gave me two category upgrade to View deluxe room with Shinjuku central Tokyo metropolitan government office view. Here is some pictures of the rooms. The room is very calm taste 33sq-meters with some Japanese impressions. The bath-tub and shower is separated. Restroom is also separated.

door to bath area
small table is for comfort
shower area


There are some restaurants in the hotel. 24hours room service is available. And there is convenience store (seven-eleven) at 1st floor so you can have some cheap local style food and drinks. There are a lot of mouthwatering things in Shinjuku area, you should keep some space in your stomach for that!

Bottom line

Though it is old but this is the most comfortable room for me, Hyatt Regency Tokyo. Only if it is closer to Stations!