Tokyo hotels Big Three, old and new 東京ホテル御三家今昔

東京駅ドーム Tokyo Hotels highend
Tokyo stations dome ceiling

Three generations of Tokyo hotels Big Three

As one of hotel lover, I would like to mention about the history of Tokyo hotels. There are so many hotels in Tokyo now that I can’t cover all of them. So let me talk about history of “Big Three”.

There are three generations of Tokyo hotels Big three.

Tokyo stations dome ceiling

Big three 1st genereations (御三家)

  • Imperial Hotel 帝国ホテル(TEIKOKU)
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo ホテルオークラ東京
  • Hotel New Otani ホテルニューオータニ

Imperial was founded in 1890 as the Guest house of modern Japan. Imperial has been served international VIPs and celebrities over the hudred years as the best hotel in Tokyo.

Okura had started service in 1962 looking into coming Olympic games Tokyo in 1964. Okura has been good at offering the governmental services.

Otani, youngest among the three, had been opened in 1964. Otani is the top of “New Otani Hotels”, total 18 hotels including overseas. Otani has been featured in some movies thanks to shape of buildings.

These three served for first International Summit held in Tokyo 1979(東京サミット). Since then, they had been named “Big three(御三家)”.

New Big three   2nd generations (新御三家)

  • Park Hyatt Tokyo(パークハイアット東京)
  • Westin Tokyo(ウェスティン東京)
  • Four Seasons Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo(フォーシーズンズホテル 椿山荘東京)

Since first generations were named, economic of Japan had been making great expansion. Around the climax, say begining of 1990s, second generations were built. Very gorgeous and people in Tokyo rushed into these new hotels. That was old good times because our economics dropped down as collapse of unstable “bubble economy”.

You might remember the movie called ” Lost in Translation” shooted in Park Hyatt Tokyo.

Lost in Translation (2003) – Official Trailer

Newest Big three   3rd generations (新々御三家)

  • Mandarin Oriantal Tokyo(マンダリンオリエンタル東京)
  • The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo(リッツカールトン東京)
  • The Peninsula Tokyo(ペニンシュラ東京)

In struggling worse economic situations, newest Big three had been opened. Concept was small luxuary rather than huge one. But after opening these hotels, the financial crisis 2007-2008 attacked our economy as well as US one. The hotels might have had very hard times.

After 3rd generations and bottom line

We do not have current Big three now. That is because of variety of preference of people. The diversity. There are good new opened hotels as well. So we are not able to choose three among them!

Only these nine hotels are called “Big three”. They are still gorgeous and holding good reputation. Tokyo-conx will keep on her eyes on Hyatt and Marriott. But let you notice attractive one if any!